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Related article: Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 19:03:58 -0800 (PST) From: jeff stapleton Subject: Weekend with Brother RIchard/Adventures at Hamilton U5 Adventures at Hamilton U part5 by M.J.Blackheart By the time I had gotten pulled into the drive I had compossed myself. I looked into the rearview mirror and slicked my blond hair back, and though it was still mussed, it looked better. I was going to go in, load my stuff into my car, or at least as much as I could for now, and then go to the dorm to check in and start getting settled. I turned off the car, pulled the keys and got out. I walked slowly up the drive and then opened the back door. I stepped into the kitchen and looked around. The light was on, and there was Mel's purse on the counter by the stove. I saw the Jamie's diaper bag beside it. Well I had wanted to avoid her, but at least I would have some good news for her. I walked to the sink, grabbed a glass out of the drainer and turned the tap on cold. After I filled the glass half full I gulped it down, and then went for another glass. I was wishing at that moment that I could go to the refridgerator and get a beer. That would really hit the spot, but I had to drive and drinking and driving wasn't the smart thing to do, I had already done enough stupid shit for the day, so I opted for smart now. I Preteen Underage Nymphet just wanted to get through the rest of the day and then forget about it. I put the glass in the sink, and then walked toward the swinging door that lead between the kitchen and the large living/dinning area that was the main living space. It was then when I got to the door and started to push it into the livingroom side that I heard the moaning. "OHHHH MELLONY!" It was a female voice, Not Rob for sure as I knew he was at Mickie D's. I peaked through the crack in the door and there on the dinning table was Heather Weakly, nude, her pert tits sticking up, her long blond hair fanned behind her on the blue plastic place mats. Her slender legs were spread wide and OH MY GOD!!! They where wrapped around Mellony's head as Mel went to town eating out that pussy. My mind was blown away. Mel who had been the cause of all the fun stopping was having fun of her own with this bimbo while poor Rob suffered uneedfully of blueballs continueally and felt guilty about our past. She was eating out that cunt and by the looks of it she was loving it. I could remember how she had offten ate out Trisha's cunt in our orgies, how she loved to tongue and lick and suck on Trisha's clit and probe deep in Trisha's 14 year old pussy lapping that sweet necter. Mel had been a real Lesbo as times and now Preteen Underage Nymphet apparently she was again. The shock kept me standing there looking through that crack watching. Heather moaned more, and wiggled on the table. Mel kept on licking and I noticed she was fingering herself. Mel was squatted down as naked as Heather, her pregnant belly tight and jutting out as far as her tits. As I looked at that belly I began to feel some other emotion grow. I was already angry about what I was seeing in regards to the torment Rob had gone through, but now as I looked at that pregnant belly I was even angrier and angrier. Mel's delicate condition with regards to carring children was dier. NO SEX!!! The docters had ordered it, NO SEX!!! It could cause her to loose the baby if she got over exited and that ment NO SEX!!! But here she was having SEX with Heather Weakly on her husband's kitchen table while her poor sex depraved husband who would Preteen Underage Nymphet do anything for her was out slaving to make a buck and put a roof over her head and provide for her, Jamie, and this unborn baby that he loved already as much as anyone, this unborn baby that could be either Rob's or mine, but for all intensive purposes was with out a doubt going to be Rob's. My first thought was to barge in yelling, but as I started to push the door open wider I stopped. Me yelling at her would upset her, and that too could get her exited and cause her to loose the baby. I didn't want to be the cause of that. Then I remembered something. I slowely closed the door whithout making a sound. I went to the the refridgerator, and above it was a small cabnet, and in the cabnet was a digital camera that Mel kept around to take pics of Jamie, who at the moment I assumed must be taking a nap. I took the camera down, and looked at it, and found the flash switch, promptly flipping it off as I was sure there was plenty of light in the livingroom, pluss the flash might tip them off. I went with the camera back to the door, and carefully opened it a crack again. Then carefully pointed the camera so as to get the whole scene in focus. They were in the same possition. Mel was still sucking out Heather's pussy with gusto, and Heather was still moaning like a whore. I pushed the button on the top and snapped a pic. With a big smile on my face and a huge boner in my pants I carefully stepped back from the door again, and looked at what I had captured on the view screan in the back of the camera. Perfect. I got it all. There had been plenty of light and you could easily make out who was doing what. I smiled as I saved the pic on the camera and slipped it into my pocket. That done I had to stop the action, though if Mel hadn't been pregnant I would have loved to watch to the end, but I had to stop it. I stepped over to the back door, and opened it. I then slambed it as hard as I could to make a resounding BOOM. "HELLO! ROB! MEL! JAMIE! ANYONE HERE!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I was trying not to laugh, and I had a huge smile on my face. I walked to the fridge again to kill a second and pulled out a Pepsi. As I walked slowely toward the door I could hear the two women rushing around in the livingroom. I waited a few moments and then slowely opened the door. By the time I entered Mel was standing, with her pull over maternity dress on(no shoes), beside the table adjusting the place mats. Heather was wearing a tan skirt, and a white button down blouse (the blouse was only half buttoned and it was untucked), and was sitting on the sofa, her bare feet on the coffee table and her flats on the floor by the door with Mel's shoes(If I had put my feet on that table anytime in the last couple months I would have been a dead person). Both women's hair was mussed. "Anyway....Rob's mom told me, she said ,Mellony, don't worry about anything we'll make all the arrangements and when the time comes we'll be right there for you and Rob just like with Jamie...,"She turned as if noticing me for the first time, "OHHH Hi, Rich." She didn't sound all that warm. She used to love to see me. "Sup? Rob not back from getting his car yet? I didn't see it in the drive. Where's the Jamester?" I asked as I strolled in, and popped the top on my soda can. I looked at Heather and acted as if I didn't notice her dechevialed apperance. "Hey Heather." "Hello Richy." She smiled a big dumn smile as if it was normal for her to look that way. "Jamie is upstairs knapping, and no Rob was supposed to take a cab to get his car and then go to work til eight. I parked in the garage. So how was orientation?" She asked as if she was really interested. Well maybe she was. "Okay. Got my dorm assignment and I have to go up and pack a few things. I got most of my stuff still in boxes so I guess I'll be all out in a few trips, end of the week at the latest. I'll probably have to have Rob help me with the bigger stuff tomarrow on his day off, but maybe not, I don't know how big my room is yet, and I have to share it." I leaned against the swinging door's jam and sipped my soda as if this was normal. Mel and I had not had a normal conversation like this for months, and I guessed she was putting on a show for Heather, who just sat there looking at her bare feet, not making eye contact. I knew how she must feel. I probably wouldn't be making eye contact With Edward Brinkman in my Economics classes either. "Cool. Well I got to go check on Jamie and then if you want I'll help you pack. I have to talk to Rob later so I'll tell him he is helping you tomarrow." She smiled and ran a hand through her mussed hair. Then she turned and went up the stairs. "Well I should be going. I got to make dinner and well someother stuff to do to." Heather said, and stood. "See you later Richy." She did look at me briefly and smiled, then looked Preteen Underage Nymphet away quickly and I could see the guilt on her face. She then hurried over to her shoes, slipped them on and was out the front door in a hurry. I patted my pocket and then hurried upstairs myself to my room to start packing up my clothes. I was in a much better mood then when I had ran out of 525 Oak St. I was throwing stuff in a box when I heard Mellony yell. "OHHHH CRAP!" I ran into the upstairs hall and toward the sound of the scream, the master bedroom. The first thing I heard was the shower running and steam comming out of the ajoining doorway between the master bath and the bedroom, and there stood Mel naked with her hand on her big belly. She had a pained look on her face and there was a wet spot on the carpet, but she hadn't been in the shower yet as her hair wasn't wet. "OH SHIT!" I screamed. "Did your water just break?" I asked already knowing the answer. She looked right at me and grit her teeth. "NO I just pissed on the floor Richard. OHHHH!" And she grabbed her belly again. "I'm calling the hospital and telling them we're on the way, and I'm calling Rob to meet us there." I hurried out and ran down the steps. The numbers I needed had been programmed into the phone so I jerked up the hand-set and hit the hospital button. I explained the situation to the nurse who I talked to, gave her the names and then hung up. I called Rob. "I'm on my way there!" then the phone went dead and I hung up too. I was a little worried. Mel was only 8 months along and that could be dangerous, but not nessissarily fatal for the baby. I ran back up stairs and Mel was dressed again, with the same loose fitting maternity dress. She was now in Jamie's room and was gathering up his stuff. "I'll do that. Go to my car. I'll get Jamie." I ordered more then I intended and she gave me a hellish look that said I wasn't her boss, but she didn't argue. I grabbed up Jamie out of his crib, and bundled a blanket around him. I then ran with him down the steps and when I got to the kitchen Mel was going out the back door. I grabbed up the diaper bag as I fallowed and ran out to my car. Jamie had started crying. I tossed the bag in the back seat and sat Jamie on my seat as I went into the garage to get the car seat out of Mel's car. It took a sec, but I got it, and got Jamie in and Mel was in, and I started the Pontiac up and sped off. We were on the way to the hospital to have a baby, my baby? Rob's baby? Our baby! Jamie was going to have a baby brother or sister to play with and I was going to have a "Nephew or Niece" to spoil like my own. The last thing I contiously thought of as I pulled out of the drive was if this had happened because Mel had had sex with Heather, did it happen because I had startled them into stopping the sex? Was it just the right time, and I guessed only God knew! Preteen Underage Nymphet After that the ride was a blur, and everything that I had tried to forget, had forgotten when William Edgens was painfully fucking me, came flooding back. All the old sex games, the well played out seduction of my big brother, the whole story of the last year and a half, almost two years played out in my head starting with that weekend that I helped Rob with Jamies old room back in Ohio. Then there was the camera pic. That was my ticket to all of it starting again. Rob was going to be pissed, but if everything now turned out fine with the baby then everything would be fine, I would talk to him, I would keep him calm, and I would have my big bro back to the way I liked him most, as my horny lover! I hope you all like the way this is going. Any oppenions let me know. any ideas let me know too. Love to see some hot pics if you have them. Much more sex in future chapters. stay tooned to pump your meat!!!
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